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Student Infomation

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is intended to serve as a source of information about SingTrain Academy and its services and policies. Students will be briefed during Orientation Programme

Click here to download a copy of Student Handbook

Grievances Feedback Policy

SingTrain Academy is committed to provide a conducive and supportive learning experience and environment to all students. We shall handle all reports of Grievances/Feedback with strict confidence. Such information will only be made available to authorised personnel on a needs basis.

Any student who believes that he or she has a grievance/feedback/issues, he or she may observed the following procedures:
  • The student shall take up the matter or seek assistance from his/her trainer or School Principal whichever he/she deem fit
  • The student can complete the Grievances/Feedback Form and submit it to our Administration Office or he/she can speak or email us
  • A counselling session will be arranged to follow up on the student's feedback/issue or grievance
  • We shall inform the student on the outcome/status of the investigation - a copy of the investigation report and/or a letter from the School indicating the findings and actions taken will be forwarded to him/her
  • We shall base on its findings take appropriate actions to resolve the feedback/issue or grievance within the shortest time possible
  • In the event that and the student are unable to resolve the dispute in accordance with the School’s Grievance Policy the aggrieved student may raise the issue with the School Executive Director
  • The feedback/issue or grievance will be carefully reviewed and actions will be taken as deemed necessary